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Building a Coalition for Change

Diverse Leaders Rally Behind Dr. Rod Joseph's Vision

Dr. Rod Joseph’s campaign has garnered support from a diverse array of leaders and advocates nationwide, reflecting his steadfast commitment to equality, justice, and compassion. These endorsements underscore his ability to unite voices from all corners, effectively advocating for constituents and forging a path towards a better future. Here are some of the individuals and organizations endorsing his campaign:


Janet Buford Johnson

Candidate House Representative District 41, FL

Audrey Edmondson

Miami Dade County Commissioner District 3

Apostrophe Consulting

Helping business and investors thrive

Florida Democratic League, Inc

Mayor of Springfield, IL, Democratic Party

Dr. Bobb Rousseau

CEO and Founder of Apostrophe Management

Dr. Eladio Jose Armisto

Chairman of Florida Democratic League, Inc

Daphney Campbell

State Senator and Mayoral Candidate Miami, FL

David Garcia

Mayor of Springfield, IL, Democratic Party
Our Goals

Fulfilling Promises:Our Goals for Progress

Empowering Communities, Achieving Results

Our goals are not just aspirations; they are the roadmap to a better future. From providing comprehensive healthcare for veterans to creating equitable opportunities for minority-owned businesses, each goal represents a commitment to positive change. Through collaboration and determination, we will turn these goals into realities, ensuring a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow.

Veteran Health Services
Minority Access to Capital
Job Training Programs
Constituent Engagement