To support Florida’s agriculture industry, I would prioritize initiatives that address the unique challenges facing farmers and promote sustainable practices. This involves advocating for policies that provide financial assistance, technical support, and access to resources to help farmers adapt to changing environmental conditions, combat pests and diseases, and improve crop yields. By working with agricultural […]

Cut Spending & Reducing National Debt

To effectively fight for cutting spending and reducing our national debt, I would prioritize fiscal responsibility and advocate for targeted budget reforms. This involves scrutinizing government expenditures to identify areas of waste, inefficiency, and redundancy. By working with colleagues across party lines, I would seek consensus on eliminating outdated or ineffective programs while protecting essential […]

Working Across The Aisle

Working across the aisle in the Senate to support Florida’s residents requires a commitment to collaboration and finding common ground on key issues. I would prioritize building relationships with senators from both parties, seeking out areas of mutual interest and shared goals. By engaging in open and respectful dialogue, I would strive to foster a […]

Veterans & Military Families

If elected as US Senator, I would leverage my experience as a veteran to champion initiatives that support veterans and military families. One key focus would be on improving access to healthcare services, mental health resources, and support networks for veterans transitioning to civilian life. This includes advocating for increased funding for VA hospitals and […]

Voting Rights

As a U.S. Senator, I would fight for voting rights by advocating for federal legislation that protects and expands access to the ballot for all eligible voters. This includes supporting measures such as the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which aims to restore and strengthen provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, ensuring […]

National Security & Defense

As a U.S. Senator for the state of Florida, my veteran expertise would uniquely position me to address a wide range of issues with a deep understanding of national security and defense, which are critical at both the state and national levels. My firsthand experience with military operations and strategic planning would enable me to […]

Jobs and the Economy

To increase jobs and stimulate economic growth in Florida, I would focus on diversifying the state’s economy beyond its traditional reliance on tourism and agriculture. This involves investing in high-growth industries such as technology, renewable energy, and healthcare. Encouraging the development of tech hubs and innovation districts through tax incentives and grants can attract startups […]


To reform education in Florida to benefit its residents, I would first advocate for increased funding and equitable distribution of resources across all school districts. This would involve lobbying for legislation that ensures schools in underfunded and disadvantaged areas receive the financial support necessary to provide high-quality education. Prioritizing teacher salaries and professional development programs […]

Healthcare Reform

As a Democratic candidate for the Senate representing Florida, I am deeply committed to ensuring that seniors and all residents have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. I will advocate for the expansion of Medicare to cover more services, including dental, vision, and hearing care, which are crucial for seniors’ well-being. Additionally, I support lowering the […]

Climate Change

As a Democratic candidate for the Senate representing Florida, a state highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, I am committed to advocating for robust and comprehensive climate action. I will support legislation that aims to reduce carbon emissions and transition our economy to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. […]